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* WOB,
White Out of Black. An old printers term to describe a layout with white text reversed out of a black background

A word used to describe a sick dubstep track with a ridiculous amount of dirty wobble.


An internet term for 'Waste of Bandwidth'

Project process

A simple foolproof method of organising a design project

Creating a Brief

How to pinpoint your key objectives to brief a designer

Choosing an agency

An objective process to find your ideal creative partner

Setting a budget

Clear budget planning will

Glossary of design terms

Demystifying industry jargon

Image resources


Cameron Design Illustration agency

British assoc of Picture Libraries


Auld Alliance productions
Specialist film & multi-media production



DOP and luxury brand photographer

Copyright advice

Intellectual property office


Copyright Licensing Agency

The Design Council


Advertising standards Authority



Stratton Craig


If I only knew now...
what I thought I knew then...
I would be twice as smart as you think I am!


Merril Ramphstein